It is  easier to create a blog  and monetize it, but very difficult to flourish in the business with regards to linking your blog to the global community and increase in readership and follower ship as well. For your blog to penetrate the global community their are  virtues you need to imbibe.

  1. Tag your posts: tagging is a very important aspect of blogging,  tagging your posts makes it a lot easier for other people to find them, both on your blog and through the magic of the reader, which allows people to search for content by topic.
  2. Find other blogs to read: The  helps you find content you’re interested in by subject, giving you an excellent way to reach out and like, comment, follow, or share posts from bloggers whose work interests you. The Reader can also help inspire you when you’re stuck for ideas.
  3. Show your favorites some love: Build up a network of contacts and connections on by giving feedback via “likes” and thoughtful comments. Everyone loves to be noticed, and taking the time to show your appreciation builds your network, ultimately bringing more people to your blog.
  4. Use social networks to extend your reach: If you have a Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Path, or Facebook account, you can automatically broadcast new posts to your networks to spread the world.

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