Amazon was the initial company to start affiliate marketing and also the first to network with the public as it regards making the program available to the public. They create a sequentially program and tagged it Amazon associate in the year 1996 . Their system known as Associates Program allowed people to sign up to be able to offer links on their website, from that time till now Amazon associate program has been moving from strength strength.

Experience: Been the pioneer and the founder of affiliate marketing, Amazon has gathered enough experience on how to partner with individuals of different geographic locations and make the best out them .

High commission:  the commission Amazon pays their associate for referring customers to their online retail site is appreciable to some extent. The amount is tangible if compared with other affiliate site.

Simplicity:  the workings of Amazon associate is so simple that even a lay man with little or no knowledge of how the internet works can easily key into the program and make the best out of it .for bloggers and site owners their system is made easy that just with an affiliate link to your site you can earn dollars for your self if the link refers users to amazon online retail site and off course made purchase of any item.

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