A lot of people have app idea but did not know how to turn it into reality, perhaps they lack the basic skill to create and monetize a mobile app. One thing about technological innovation is its continues effort to make things easier for human being. There is a new method of creating a mobile app from start to finish without a coding experience.

For you to create a mobile app without a coding experience, there are laid down procedure to follow.

I. YOU MUST HAVE APP IDEA: mobile app are sequentially coded program that are meant to run on mobile device. This is a fact that anybody who intent to create a mobile app must know.  Every idea start with the mind therefore you must create a mental picture or skeleton of what you intend to design then turn it into a carefully formulated program.

II. LOCATE ONLINE PLATFORM THAT CAN ASSIST YOU CREATE THE APP: there are platform on the internet whose mandate is to assist you technically and otherwise as your create your app. App is very important in our life both collectively and individually, that is the reason why some group of technology genus has created online platform that can hold by the hand and also make it easy for you to follow through as you turn your app idea into reality. I will personally recommend two platforms for you, they are

1.brainy app: brainy app is an online platform base in Florida  united state. Their job is to assist you create a mobile app even when you don’t have a coding experience.

2.Firebase:  firebase is mobile cum web app development platform owned by goggle. They offer comprehensive app service for those who may have app idea but does not know how to go about it. They have carefully set system that can walk you down the process of app development without any coding experience.

3. ibuildapp: this is another platform I think can assit you create a mobile app without coding experience. They have variety of selections raging from commerce, manufacturing, education health etc.

III. START MARKETING YOUR APP: after your app must have pass all the necessary test and certify the nest thing is to lunch the app. After lunching the app the nest agenda should be how to market your app. There are many app lying low because nobody knows about them. It is your duty to create a market plan for app. You need to formulate idea on how to make your app known to the world.

There are many ways of marketing app for free they include:

2) Social Media.

3) Public Relations.

4) App Store Optimization

6) Influencer/Celebrity endorsements.

7) Traditional Advertising/In-Store.

8) Word of mouth

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