Nothing good comes easy and every good thing comes with a price thus the saying no cross no crown. Blogging is business a lot of people admire with passion due to its simple and lucrative nature The cost of creating and monetizing a blog is more technical and intellectual than monetary no matter the angle you are coming from. Some may say that blogging is free; while some says that is very costly to create and monetize a blog but the truth is that blogging is less costly if you’re a professional and very costly if you’re a novis. That’s the reason why I have taken time to analyze what it may take to create and monetize a blog.

The first thing it may cost you to start up blogging business is a computer with internet connection.  Every blogging activities involve the use of a computer system which might be a desktop or a laptop computer. A high speed internet connection is also needed this would help you to connect to the internet any time without any obstruction.

Daily/monthly purchase of data is another cost you must consider for the fact that date is not free in many places it cost a lot of money to be on the internet especially when one is doing data sucking activities like blogging.

Cost of writing post/article: it is not all the bloggers you see on the internet that wrote their article them self. Some go the extra  mile by paying other people to write for them it is still accepted but it would make a very big sense if you write your article yourself because that makes you a a complete blogger. You can writers to write for on a subject matter.

The cost of customizing your blog: beautifying your blog is a very technical task that cans only b done by professionals. The theme, background and the overall layout of your blog is well planned from the beginning in line with the what you would like do with the blog. If you’re a web professional you can do it by yourself but in case you don’t know how to do it professionals like us can help you do justice to that.

Cost of domain restoration/domain plane: the cost of domain plan and domain registration is not negotiable. This is the price that everybody must pay irespecctive of your web professionalism. It cost a lot of money to secure a web adress in the ciber space. Your web adress is your online home adress that is paid for periodically at least once every 12 months. Domina plane varies depending on the features and hosting company your dealing with. It is adviseable to go for matured domain plan that’s  good for enterprenure and small business,  though it is more costly but it can give you all that you need to beautify and monetize  your  blog.

The cost of monetizing a blog: after you  must have made your blog minetizable it time to monetize the first and simple way to  monetize a blog is advert . different ad network have different ways of installing advert on blog platforms.  The first challenge you would face after making your blog monetizable is the techniques to install advert code on your platform if care is not taken you may make nonsense of the whole effort. Your can still souce for assistanc which might be free  or paid for.

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