Five security plug-in that can protect your site from hacking attempt

 Gaining unauthorized  access to data  in database or a computer system is very rampant these days this evil act is perpetrated by  security hacker. A security hacker is he who explores methods for breaching defenses and exploiting weaknesses in a computer system or network. One of the greatest challenge faces by cyber users is its tendency to be hacked.   Banks and other finical institution complain of losing millions of dollars to hackers. However, there are up to date security plug-in that can prevent your online data and online platforms from so called security hackers. This topic came up as a result of constant questions and compliant by some of our highly esteemed audience that they are about losing their platform to security hackers.

There is up to date security plug-in that forestall further unauthorized access into your database. If you have a website or a blog on word press platform you can beef off security with any of these security plug-in.

Word defense: word defense as the name implies defend your site against any external attack it is one of the most popular security plug-in you can think of.

Bullet proof security: bullet proof security protect your site from virus malware and other malicious programmers that can issue command to your site without your knowledge.

I theme security

Acunetix web security

6scan security

How to get and install the above mentioned security plug-in.

The security plug-in we have mentioned so far can be installed depending on some factors. Some are  free while some cost some amount of money but it is advisable to to purchase full premium package of any security plugin you want to use if you really want to enjoy to the fullest. If you want to install word defense simply log into your account click locate plug-in and click on it. Click on add search word defense in the search bar then click on install.

Note: your current domain plan can affect your chance to get security plug-in. If you are on free, personal or premium domain plan it would be difficult for you to install security pug in. Business and ecommerce domain plan can get automatic access to security pidgins because it is in built.

How to download and install bullet proof security plug-in

If you choose to install bullet proof security plug-in, there two method you can follow manual and automatic. But in this case we let use the manual method. google  bullet proof security download after downloading log into your account and run the installation.

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