The total of all the engagement people embark on to earn a lawful living on the internet is been driven by repeated visitor. To get users to return, you need to do more than just answer their questions; you need to give them reasons to return to your site. Turning casual visitor into repeated visitor is one of the greatest challenge faces by new and old bloggers. The task seems to be very hard but with diligence it very much achievable.

Below are a few ways you can turn one-time visitors into repeat visitors:

 Regular posting of new and quality content: posting of new and quality content regular is one of the sure ways to engage your visitors. for instance if you’re a blogger that normally post article  first and foremost, make sure to constantly provide new, high-quality content. Next, make sure you are showcasing new content on your top landing pages. To post quality article is one thing, making it accessible in an easy way is another you cannot joke with/

 Show case Related content: Show users similar content elsewhere on your site. Create a section that links users to popular content on the same subject. This will drive more engagement since your blogger is loaded with quality content it is necessary to bring them to the notice of your visitor that such article is existing and would be very helpful to him.

Social: Make it easy for users to connect with you via their favorite social networks. All major social networks have widgets that you can put on your site to allow users to follow you. Once you have them make sure you push out your most popular content to drive return visits.

Email: Make sure you have a way for users to subscribe to your email list for updates and/or a newsletter.

User engagement: Make it easy for users to interact with your content, through forums, a rating system or recommendations.

Tips that would help  your actualize this:

WRITING SKILL: Writing is a medium of human communication that represents language and emotion with signs and symbols. In most languages, writing is a complement to speech or spoken language. Writing is not a language, but a tool used to make languages be read. For one to be a successful blogger he or she must know how to put pen on paper and communicate to the world that he or she thinks will make a difference. What to write and whom to write to : one thing is certain ,for you to be a successful blogger you must know how to put pen on just like exercise. Writing is not the main issue here. The main issue is what would you ditch out and the sweetness of your ditch. Roam was not built in a day so , you can start with anything in your mind and gain perfection as you progress

STEADYNESS :blogging is not a hit and run affair, it is not something that you do as you like but you do as people what it.  For you to enjoy the full benefit of your blog you must learn how to be steady in the bisiness. Steadyness matters a lot in every thing for it bring s communication as and when due. You have to emotional for billions of people in the world since your writing is geared twards making things easier  and better for people. Your writing should be a continues  activity so that you can bridge the gap between the last information you gave to people and the latest in town. I know it is not easy  to be steady in writing sometimes bloggers run out of idea and what to write, that is where vasatility comes in you need to be very vasatile and also guage the felling of your audience I mean those who find time to read you post their comment will help you to know the nest thing to write.

STRATEGY: you need to have plans of how you intend to achieve your aim. It is good to work hard but if you continue to work hard it means you have not learnt some lessons. Working hard is very good but working smart is excellent. For example you need to study the ad network you are working with and the best way to maximize revenue. You need to know when to write and how to bring in more visitors .

For one to be a successful blogger he or she must have character and discipline to excel in the business. Passion is what drives success because it makes you stand firm during the difficult days , it also makes you to be convinced about what your are doing. There are natural qualities one must have before he or she triumph as a blogger . One of them is

Patience:  your ability to tolerate all the delays and sufferings accounted on your way to success is the hallmark of success most successful men and women are people who refuse to give up no matter the situation. The ingredient in success is not the level you attain but your ability to keep going in the mist of challenges. As a blogger you are not immune from obstacle, they a part of our daily life, they make us strong for without them we cannot be successful men and women. So any obstacle you are passing through as a blogger is not designed to pull you down but to make you strong.

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