There are a lot of business opportunities on the internet you can engage your self to earn a lawful living. One of the greatest advantage of internet business is that most of the popular barriers to international business is been tackled by technological innovation. When we talk about online business opportunity one thing always comes to mind is which type of online business opportunity is suitable for me, that leads into the main topic

Types of Online business opportunity

The online business opportunity include any of the following

GET PAID TO SURF : this one of easiest way to make money on the internet that is not known by a lot of internet users . it is a situation where pragmatic company use income generated from advertisement place on the screen of prospective internet user within the network to pay them for time spent on browsing the web. This might sound unrealistic but the truth is that it is very real. There are many companies in the pay surf industry but only few can be trusted

Pay to surf platform

Microsoft reward
Click worker
Ask wonder.
All the above mentioned platform can fetch you between fifty to one hundred us dollaR.

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BLOGGING: blogging is the act of posting article on a web blog. As a passionate write that wants to impact on people and change their life and also make a lot money in the course of doing that, blog is what your need. A lot of people want to have a blog but they don t know how and where to start. The first question that comes to mind is which platform can i open a blog account.

Platform to open a blog account

Square space
All the above mentioned are platforms you can open a blog account but I strongly recommend word press for some obvious reasons. Word press is very understandable and user friendly this would be good for beginners.

PAY TO SEARCH: pay to search is online business model is a situation where internet users are paid for using the search engine. You’re paid in dollars base on the terms and conditions of service. Many people search the internet every day so it is an opportunity for people to make money will making research on the cyber space. There are many companies that offers pay to search but only few would be count on.

Pay to search site

Bing reward
Inbox dollar
Google screen wiser

AFFILIATE MARKETING: is a systematic marketing where rewards are giving base on the number of visitor you convince to patronize a company. In other word affiliate marketing is the marketing of another persons or group of person’s product and get commission base on the number of product sold. To start affiliate marketing there are things you need to have
Affiliate making requirement
Computer with internet connection
A web platform (blog or website)

Affiliate marketing companies
Commission junction
Shareasale affiliate

GET PAID TO WRITE: this for those who are talented or gifted writer. Ther are companies who are willing to you between fifty to one hundred dollar to write just a blog post and review of their book or business. To start this lucrative business you need to create account with company that offers such service.

pay to write companies
great escape

GET PAID TO EDIT: some people are good in editing while others are good in in crossing the t and doting the i to make more grammatical sense. To get started kindly locate editing sites that you can trust.

Editing site
Paper true

GET PAID FOR PLAYING GAME: companies like inbox dollar use to pay their users for playing game,watching movie and also doing online survey

Get paid for plying game site
App cent
Cash crate
Bingo for money

GET PAID TO CLICK: get paid to click also known as ptc is an online arrangement where ptc sites act as a middle man by bring the advertiser and online users together pledging to pay online users in within their network some part of the commission when they click on the ad.

Pay to click sites you can trust
Scarlet click


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