One of the simplest way to monetize a blog is advertisement, there are many ad network with different policies on how they run their system. One thing a publisher will never want to negotiate is sudden drop in ad earning, that’s why all his effort is geared towards increasing his earning every day but any time there is a drop in his earning it gives him a sleepless night. Sudden drop of ad earning happens for some obvious reasons depending on the ad network .

Why sudden drop of google ad sense earning?

There many reasons why google ad sense earning may drop

i.inability to post regularly: every advertiser want his advert to be displayed on where there interest would be accommodated, in fact there are things they would like to see on your blog one of them is your ability to post quality content regularly. If you can develop the ability to write quality content and post them on your blog you have gotten half of the qualities of a blogger. Quality content is believe to be the reason for high and organic tragic because google and other search index companies only rank blog that is constantly filled with quality content.

ii.lack of required traffic: there is a number of traffic that advertisers espect from a blog daily before he is convinced that the publisher is serious in his dealings. Most advertisers bid higher on site that post quality article between 500 to 1000 words or above and also manage to get 300 views per day. This is one area that most bloggers neglect. The height you attain in blogging depends largely on your strategy. Making thousands of us dollar is very possible only if you apply the right technique.

iii.The source of your traffic: google is a highly principle company your can never outsmart any day any time. The source of your traffic and the referrer are well considered, so it also contribute to drop in ad earning. Traffic from organic search engine is considered the most secured way of generating web traffic and attract high earning. Google has a lot of mechanism to checkmate spammers from destroying their Eco system so if you want to partner with google you must be ready to do the right thing and not to follow shortcut like inflating of trafic or clicking on your ad which would be counted as invalid click the effect one of the effect of invalid click is sudden in ad earning.

Sudden drop in word ad earning

word ad is the official word press advertisement network it is one of those ad network that is still growing with a lot of potentials if they really manage their system well. Over the years word ad is battling with complaint from their users that their ad earning is very low to compare to google ad sense media.net and other popular ad network. Here are some of the reasons why word ad earning may drop unexpectedly

i.exit of ad supplier: word ad dose not get direct ad from the advertisers. They get their ad from ad buyers or ad suppliers like google adsense, Facebook, yahoo, bidvertisers and many other top internet ad supplier. So any time one the partners stop buying their ad it really affect the earning. But if every other factors remain constant there earning use to be fair but not to compare with google ad sense or media.net.

ii.lack of magnitude of traffic: word ad earning depends largely on traffic for instance you need to have magnitude of views to be able to earn bigger especially in tenths of thousands to be able to earn some thing significant. Word ad pay roughly one use dollar per thousand us impression, that is to say that word ad pays higher per us impression than every other every other region. So the location or the demography of your visitor goose a long way to determine how much you earn with word ad.

iii.Inability to post regularly: just like every other ad network word ad also expect its publishers to update their platform with quality content regularly. The more quality content you post on your blog the more advertisers indicate interest on your blog,the higher advertisers are likely to bide on your blog

iv.The source of your traffic: word dose not mark invalid impression the problem is mostly inhuman traffic that is traffic that is not by human being. Some smart internet users explore the use of robot to inflate their traffic just to make more money. Word ad condemn it in entirety, they strongly won that any one caught in such act may stand the chance of being disconnected and when such happen to reconnect became a problem. Buying of traffic is good but the source should be carefully examine to know if it is from the legitimate source.

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