Instagram is a photo and video sharing network owned managed and financed by face book. If you  go down the memory lain you will recall that instagram was created by Kevin and Krieger in the year 2010 since then instagram as a social network is moving from strength to strength. A lot of instagramers  are not aware that making money on instagram is real. It instagram is not all about sharing video or photo you can still make money on instagram. It might interest you to know some highly paid instagramers.

High piad instagrammers

Christiano Ronald

Kim kadarshia west



Justin bieber


Lionel messi

Kendall jener

All the above mentioned individuals makes a lot of money while instagraming.  The big question is how can I start making money on instagram and what is the requirement. Making money on instagram just like very other ways  of making money online has procedure,  rules and regulations.

What does it take to start making money on instagram

Before you start making money on instgram there are things expected of you

You must have<a href="http://<iframe style="width:120px;height:240px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="//"> an instagram account

You must have the ability to post regularly

You must have at least 1000 followers

You must be a verified instagram user

How to open instagram account: to open instagram account just log on to on any smart phone or computer, click on create account and your good to go.

How to get more followers on instagram

the number of people that are following you or the crowd your command is the main thing that count. Get legitimate followers on instagram especially in their tenths of thousands is not all that easy but if you succeed in gathering magnitude of followers  your  are on your way to financial freedom.

Here are the few ways you can gather more visitor

Invite your family and friend from other networks like; facebook, email, twiter etc.

Post relevant and sensational photos and videos constantly

Buy followers.

Promote your dedicated hash tag

Use link to drive traffic to your important content

Watch relevant hashtag

How to get verified on instagram

Any time you are verified on instagram you get a verified badge. A verified badge is a check that appear next to your instagram account name and in search profile. This is an  authentication by instagram that an account is the bona fide presence of a public figure or a celebrity.

Steps to get verified:

Locate your instagram account

Click on menu

Click on settings

Locate request verification and click on it

Fill the form

Upload photo id and submit

How to buy instagram followers

There are platforms on the internet you can buy followers from. They include



Blog hootsiut


Making money on instagram how does it work

I have taken time to discourse the requirements and what it takes to start making money on instagram  it is time to highlight the various ways you can make money on instagram/

Ways of making money on instagram

Affiliate marketing:

Selling physical product

Making money through photograph and digital image

Display sponsored post on instagram

Work as an intagram expert

Affiliate marketing on instagram: promoting someone else product and getting percentage of the product any time a person from instagram audience makes purchase. This is one way you can make money on instagram .

Displaying sponsored post:

An easy guide to sponsoring a post on Instagram

Create a sponsored ad. Open the Ad Creation tab and choose the objective of the sponsored post from the list. …

Choose the audience and budget of your Instagram ad campaign. …

Upload content and finish up. …

Make up your mind about sponsored posts placement.

Selling physical product: There are a few steps you need to take before you can start selling products through Instagram.

Step 1: Get approved as a business profile. …

Step 2: Set up your product catalog on Facebook using Shoplift or Big Commerce. …

Step 3: Wait for your account to be reviewed by Instagram and approved for shopping.

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