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Due to increase and rising of business activities and financial transaction on the internet,different payment options and method has been introduce into the system by different companies. Al their effort are geared towards creating safe,easy and transparent  procedure and method of making and receiving payment the internet without problem.

The two leading and generally accepted method of payment are

  1. credit card
  2. pay pall

we shall in the course of this post elaborate on these method of payment mentioned above.Firstly lets take on the first one which is credit card: this is one of the ancient method of payment  that allows individuals and indeed business men to make payment on the  internet using  their  automated teller machine (atm) irrespective of the currency involved . it important to note that all atms card are not used for international transaction their are special card used for international transaction they are visa, master visa gold etc all the cards mentioned above has the capacity to convert local currency to international currency.

The second most secured method of making payment on the internet is pay pall. pay pall is an online and e-payment platform that facilitate and mediate the receive and payment of money from one destination to the other. This is one of the most popular method of payment that is devoid of fraud. To use this method of payment one need to have or create account with pay pall platform.To create a pay pall account simply log onto their site To create a pay pall account their things you need to have before creating a pay pall account

1.A gmail account

2. zip or postal code card


police 2018 screening deadline

The recruitment of 6,000 police men is on going across the thirty six states of the federation The excise which started from 7th may will stop on Saturday 12th may 2018. All the candidates who were contacted through sms are advised to go for physical screening in their respective state on or before the above mentioned date .

venue for the screening

Each state of the federation has a mapped area  for the event  so it is your responsibility to locate the area as an interested candidate


Electronic-mail has been the modern way  of sending and receiving mail and e-mail attachments because of this the demand to have e-mail address has increase over the years. g mail otherwise known as google mail has stand tall in this regard  giving people the very best of service. gm is the platform that has meet the yearning and aspiration of the people.

interns of security g mail has one of the most secured platform with the best tracking networks surveillance and intelligence to prevent unauthorized access to peoples e-mail address .gm ail happens to be the first to introduce verification of e-mail account using phone number. this is done to keep in touch with with the owners in case of any unauthorized access, this has made the unusual story of hacking into peoples account impossible.

confidentiality is also maintained to the core ,no information about your activity with the platform will be disclose to any third party.


As a professional internet user you need gm ail to carryout matured and legitimate activities on the internet. most advance activities requires gm ail account for example for you to open a blog you need gm ail because it is the one most blog platforms rely on for better security

you need g mail to do internet business. most of the legal means of making money on the internet requires g mail  account. do you also that you need g mail to unlock some smart phones with android operating system. i hope u have seen the need for to have a google mail account so go get one now!!!!!!!!


The federal government academy also kwon as school of the gifted child has anounce the date for their 2018 entrance examination.As disclose by the registrar of the school the exam is schedule to hold on 12 may 2018.


It is expected that all the candidates that applyed for the exam should be at the venue on or before 9am in the mornong that very day being saturday the 12th day of may 2018


Candidates are instructed to come to the exam venue with these material

1 the duplicate copy of the form the candidate fillded and submmitted to the school either by hand or through curier service

2 A teller showing the evidience of payment of the approved sum which is #1,500 into the school tsa(tresury single account) any payment that is outside the tsa is not accepted.

3 Birth certificate that shows that the candidates is not ,ore than eleven years old by the end of the current academic session.

4 Any evidience showing that the candidate  will complete his or her primary or basic six education by the end of the current academic session. Such evidence may be the second term result.

Candidates are also advise to come with writting materials like: pen, pencil and e razor. materials like phone , calculator and electronic gadget are highly prohibited candidates are not allowed to come with  let alone entering the exam hall with such material.



independent national electoral commission (INEC) has announce the deadline for the collection of pvc(permanent voter’s card),the deadline according to the commission is 20th December this end all Nigerians  who are eighteen years of age and above including those who have lost or misplace their card are seriously advised to as a matter of urgency  obtains their pvc. those who wants to transfer their registration from one location to another  can also do that within the time frame  .there is no space for late registration. Nigerians are also warned in strong terms not register twice because double registration dose  not only constitute an electoral offense but also made the first registration invalid. parents and guardians  of Under age children are advise to stop their children from registering for it an offense to register under age children.

where to obtain permanent voter’s card

it  advise to register in a place that is more continent to you.A place  that is trek able because on the election day movement is restricted    from 6 pm in the morning to 6 am in the evening . So if you want yo register go straight to the local government that is nearest to you and register.


The inec officials work in every local government from 8 am to3 pm Mondays to Fridays except on poblic holiday. All this information is to guide you on how to get your pvc with ease because you vote is your power guard it jealously








Frsc accredited driving school

The list of states and frsc accredited driving school.

    The federal road safety core has compiled the list of the thirty six states of the federation and their plus the federal capital territory and their accredited driving school.

    So, to avoid going to the wrong place it is necessary that all car owners and those