Formal education is an indispensable factor in the growth of any nation .the cost of education in nigeria is very high to the extent that the common man cannot afford quality education.

So many attempt has been made by Nigerian government to make education free at all level that is why it is in the chapter two of the constitution of federal republic of Nigeria as amended the right to free  education ,but the same constitution failed in that regard  when it made that right non justifiable which means that you cannot go to court to enforce it or hold government accountable for not given you free education.

Nevertheless ,there is a system that is there right from 1985that gives Nigeria ns free education irrespective of ethnic,tribe or section of the country you come from.

Things you need to have or qualities you need to posses before you are admitted in this institution

You need to posses a high level of intelligence and naturally gifted

What is the name of the institution

The name of the institution is federal government academy  sulega  also known as the gifted child school

The institution was establish with the passion to make education free for highly intelligent kids this is the only free education institution in Nigeria that offered and still offering free education not minding the section of the country you come from

The school is under  federal ministry of education

They conduct preliminary exam once in a year after the exam the result will be release for candidates to see their performance the list of successful candidates will follow suit this will also be regarded as admission list

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